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When the Green Lies over the Earth, Angelina Weld Grimke
Mar 25, 2018
When the Green Lies over the Earth, Angelina Weld Grimke
The poem When the Green Lies over the Earth by Angelina Weld Grimke is an example of intimate lyric with landscape including. The narrator sees the spring coming and everything around is green, new and fresh again, so the desire of love re-births along with the nature, making the narrator long to see her beloved. The poem seems cheerful and full of regrets at the same time, because the narrator feels the beauty of everything arising and blooming in nature, and it touches her deeply but the beauty of the nature reminds the beauty of the beloved person which is no longer here.
The Song of Roland
Aug 3, 2017
The Song of Roland
The Song of Roland belongs to the epic poems of medieval French literature and brightly represents French folk heroic epos. The authorship is considered to belong to a poet of genius called Turold, and the issue of the poem’s origins stays unsolved to this day. The chronological frames in which the manuscript appeared are estimated to float between 1040 and 1115.
The main events of the poem take place during Charlemagne’s conquest of Spain and fighting with Muslims there. There is the only city that left standing is Saragossa headed by the king Marsilla.