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One of the forms of independent work that has a creative character is the essay. The article will tell how to write an essay correctly on any topic and prevent common mistakes. The article will also tell about the structure of the essay, what characteristics differ the essay from other genres, how to choose a topic, and correctly express one`s thoughts in writing.

Writing an essay is hard work that requires creative ideas. The essay is a kind of a prosaic literary genre. It reflects the individual experiences of the author; one`s views on a special question. It does not give a comprehensive answer to a specific question but reflects one's opinion or impression. When one is writing an essay, the logic develops perfectly and the ability to argue one's opinion. Style of presentation is conversational.

To write an essay correctly, one should take into account the specific features that distinguish it from other genres. The main features of writing essay include the presence of

  • certain narrow topic,
  • subjective authorial position,
  • detailed analysis of the problem
  • logic of the presentation

Therefore, the essay is a special style of narrative, and it makes the reader think. The author does not insist on one`s point of view, but as if invites the reader to think and discuss it. It often happens that a person who has enough eloquence and the ability to express one`s thoughts in writing has difficulty in starting an essay.

Consideration of the beginning can stretch and mar the process of creative work. Next tips will help in writing the essay. A person needs to

  • formulate an idea
  • define a goal
  • find sources of information for the work before to start writing essays.

It is important to use the technique of free writing; one can write all the thoughts that come to mind without editing them. Free writing is a great way to manage a creative crisis and find a unique idea. One more important fact is that the introduction one can write after the main part is written. One of the fairly common options is to write an essay, starting with a question, the answer to which is given later.