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Completing a research paper is an integral and substantial part of every student’s learning experience. There are many visions regarding the essence and importance of a research paper, however, the fact remains that it is much more than just a summary or review of the main points presented by the authors of the chosen sources and of the various bits of information concerned with a specific topic. In contrast to a traditional essay that tends to reflect the writer’s personal thoughts, a research paper relies on other experts’ research findings and substantiated opinions on a specific issue. 

A research paper constitutes an extensive and complex study of a subject matter in the course of which the writer is expected to identify, scrutinize, and give their assessment on the value of the facts and opinions presented in the literature sources.

The essay writer is thus required to be able to investigate both primary and secondary sources in a way that allows them to understand and interpret the messages they contain. At the same time, a well-composed research paper should provide a unique point of view concerning the research topic. The final version of the research paper should explore the existing perspectives and present specific arguments. In other words, this assignment should clearly demonstrate the essay writer’s own line of thinking while making sure that it is supported by evidence and is based on the facts issued by the previous researchers. One of the essential aspects of an A+ Grade paper is the essay writer’s ability to present their own considerations that are drawn from the research work and reflect what has been known of the research question and what one has managed to find out over the course of the study.      

There are several factors that play a crucial role and are extremely helpful in essay writing, these are

  • research skills
  • critical reflection
  • information source evaluation
  • organization 
  • composition.

Besides, attention should be paid to the fact that there is a classification of research papers. In that way, one identifies two main types of research papers, these are argumentative (persuasive) and analytical research papers. A distinction is also made between compare and contrast papers, cause and effect research papers, problem-solution, survey, and report ones. 

The general structure of a research paper includes

  • well-formed title page
  • brief abstract
  • introductory section (with a clear and concise thesis statement capturing the main idea of one’s research paper)
  • description of methods and results
  • discussion section
  • concluding part (incorporating a restated thesis).

Most instructors provide the students with writing assignment instructions that explain what they expect to see in the outcome of one’s research work so that you know how to make your research paper more effective.   

In any way, here are some general tips that can help you facilitate your research paper writing experience. First of all, you should choose a topic (unless it has been assigned by the instructor) that is interesting, important, and well-researched. Second, you should make an effort to find all the relevant information to be able to decide on the research question or problem and its separate aspects. In such a way, you will have an opportunity to make a preliminary plan for your research paper and to start organizing your notes. Writing of the first draft should not be underestimated, for it enables the essay writer to chart the tentative and effective course of the assignment and to make immediate corrections to the text thus improving the research and increasing its reliability and effectiveness. The revision of the draft version of your research paper and its original outline will be another essential step towards further progress in the research paper writing. Finally, you should come up with the final version of your research paper while paying special attention to both the introduction and conclusion. Make sure that your thesis statement goes in line with the main idea of your research paper.     

Obviously, writing a research paper is not that kind of task that can be completed in an hour or less. However, you should not despair because we are here to help you at any time. Contact us, if you want to improve your research paper and to score higher grades