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The essential part of life is an interaction between people, whether among little kids or officials in a government. Most parts of human lives are regulated by different factors it can be moral principles taught by society or inner beliefs. People always needed rules, rules on how to behave, what to say, how to dress and so on. Having desire or not people cannot live without restrictions. From the beginning of mankind, people were forming groups, communities in order to live together. Living with other people assumes accepting others’ habits and behavior. Sometimes these criteria are not the things that can be understood. Back in the day, such cases were regulated by councils or universal suffrages of citizens of the definite group. However, often people just said that they understood their faults and they would not do the same ever again, in most cases those words were lie. People got used to lying to everyone to save their own lives and lie to themselves to clear their consciousness.  The power of a lie is enormous and destructive, it sweeps away all available information whether it is true or not. Not every person using different kinds of a lie can balance on its edge and use it only with good intentions. The lie is like gaming or drug addiction you do not know that you are addicted till you try to end it. Some lies cannot be left unpunished in this case bodies of state administration appear. The idea of the government is to help people let them be sure in the next day, to prosper in their professions and to regulate questions that cannot be regulated peacefully between humans. 

The government should serve people, otherwise, there is no actual need for it. Formed of different substructures its basis is made of simple rules, rules to what every person must hold to. The existence of the rules implies a need in people who will judge offenders in varied spheres of life. The law itself is the rule enacted by institutions of a government. With the help of courts, hard forms of misunderstanding are solved. Dependent on the gravity of the crime judge decides what kind of punishment will be implemented in different cases. Not every legal process is an easy task to be judged. Most of the judges are people for who justice and following rules are the main components of their lives. All of the spheres of our lives are ruled by laws and the basic components of a legal system are legislative, executive and judicial branches. The courts deal with the fates of people deciding whether they pay some money and be free for a period of time or will spent the rest of lives in the prison. 


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Politics themselves are very interesting people, some of them dedicated to their profession and cannot bear the slightest hint of injustice and imprison even their relatives because it is right and it is how the law must be conducted. Also, there is a part of non-professional judges for who another action is the best way to get more money. One quotation said that when a person is given a power that he never had before the person drastically changes. The same happens with judges, holding in their hands the right to give a verdict upon someone’s lives. Desiring to get more money, people forget about basic human principles. There are lots of reasons why the judge can take a side of an offender, it can make his bank account bigger in thousands or even millions or the offender may threaten the judge’s family. 

The American legal system is complicated, it does not matter from what university graduated a student if he did not pass an exam and a test he would not be accepted by the law society. Being a lawyer without a license and such membership is illegal. This license works only in the territory of a state where it was obtained. In other states, a lawyer has to pass an exam or work to be able to work, without that he can work only as a consulting lawyer. Also dependent on a state’s laws the court decisions are made, for example, in some states, there is a supremacy of common law in other states supremacy of a continental legal system. The process of the common law based on the precedent happened in history and only in this way the legal case can be won. The decisions of the continental legal system are based only on the rule of law itself. 

Lawyers are concerned about the interrelation between then and the judge rather than between them and an attorney. The main task of lawyers is to affect jurors because they are only particular citizens, in most cases, the judge cannot be affected. Lawyers can show their own evidence and the essential part of every legal procedure is evidence exchange between both sides: the prosecutor and defendant. The challenge between protectors is clearly seen because the evidence and arguments can change the judge’s mind even if the court decision was already made. The person who understands human nature and especially the weak sides of a human soul, it is the person who can rule the world not only influencing the decisions of the judge or the jurors. 



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It took Jonathan Harr nine years to get into the area of the jurisprudence and to write a book that shows the inside of an independent on the first side branch. His book was nominated for different awards one of those is National Book award. “A Civil case”, tells us about the well-known Boston lawyer, he is a cynical confident man and he used to win even the hardest cases that could ever be imagined.  The narrative starts when one mother Anne Anderson from a city Woburn, Massachusetts calls on the radio, where Jan participated. She told that lots of kids died in the last fifteen years, eight of them were kids. The reasons for their deaths are unknown, some kids had leukemia. There was nothing common about those kids, only a fact that all of them were drinking water from wells. At the territory of a city were located two plants and they were suspected in those deaths, particularly in water contamination. Citizens were complaining about the polluted air. That case was not interesting for Jan and he came to the city only to reassure himself, but something inside of him made him look at the river closely. “W.R. Grace” and “Beatrice foods” were suited by Jan Schlicthmann who was presenting plaintiffs of Woburn, the lawyer got support from public interest organization. The plot shows us that sometimes working together with other lawyers can be hard even if all of you have the common sense of how it should be solved. In this book is clearly seen a direct laborious process of the lawyer, how much strength and money different legal suits can take. Lawyer of defense tries to protect their company from the action of Schlichtmann, he references to a Rule 11 at the sitting of the court, which deals with incompetent actions or accusation in actions. There is a controversial issue - could a lawyer who was specialized in the common cases took the environmental case, but concerning his successful ending of every case it is sure that this case he would win too. Constant investigation of the conditions of children’s deaths’, repeated researches about the quality of water were making representatives of both companies crazy.  Schlictmann’s bureau was spending hundred thousands of dollars to prove that both companies are guilty and they have to do the minimum - compensate a loss of parents with money as if they could ever compensate the loss of a child. It was a professional excitement and human nature mixed together, to win so remarkable suit and help people to live their life without problems and deaths.

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As it was said above the lawyer can have different authorities, it depends on the law of a state and on the case especially, in the book, Schlichtmann was a summon representative of citizens fighting for their right to be healthy. He was the person who held negotiations and he was a middleman among the power of law and simple inhabitants of a city. It is important to remember that the lawyer is not only the representative of a victim, but his major task is also to protect the law and convey its making. Sometimes those two principles can fight in the soul of the lawyer at that moment it is really important to weight all the aspects of both images of a lawyer and made the deliberate decision which will not be opposed by any of them. Being an advocate also means having a list of the rules which should be related between advocate and plaintiffs. The first one is confidentiality, all of the received or familiar information cannot be sent to any third parties. The lawyer should be competent and the Schlichtmann was a perfect match for such a hard case. Without trust and communications between advocate and plaintiffs, no work can be done successfully, without the whole information, the court can be failed. Even the smallest details can play a decisive role in the court’s decision.  

Schlictmann said that suit it is the beginning of the war. Accusing companies Schlicthmann went on the warpath, fighting with such giant companies means losing even at the beginning of the action, but Jan overconfidence had the other effect. The war is the best word describing such suit, where one lawyer or defense does his best to protect his life and lives of two companies. Some suits do not lead to the end of the legal process, as the first case in the book, when both sides came to a consensus with a monetary agreement in two million dollars.  During the whole book, describing the legacy actions even Schlictmann starts feeling something about the people, he sees not only the excitement. The defendant company understands that their chances to win this case become smaller with every action of Jan and his colleagues, they want to come to the monetary agreement, it is a common practice in jurisprudence, especially when people want to pay off their actions. The problem of differentiating of thoughts appears when Schlictmann sets big sum which the company will not be happy to pay. The sum of the needed money is really big - 325 million. The drastic change in judge’s decisions is the work of a defense lawyer who manipulated judge’s mind making him the part of a criminal negligent attitude towards nature and people, only in order to save his business. His colleagues not that into the idea of fighting with giants. He was defeated, by unreliable people for who money mean more than lives and health of others. Even after the failure, it is really hard to get rid of this experience, the mind replays it over and over again, pointing that it could have been made better. The same happened to Jan, he was thinking about the suit, and water was magnetizing him. The truth is always on the surface people just do not see it, this quotation can be applied to this case too. It happens that time is everything needed to look at the situation from the other point of view and see new details, but working as the lawyer it is not possible. He sent his notes and new information to the EPA, the agency that actually suited both W.R.Grace and Beatrice Foods. Every person committed any kind of the crime will be punished and it depends only on a person’s choice to plea a guilt and easier the punishment or object everything and be sentenced.


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Painstaking work of a John Harr is equal to the work of the lawyer in such long and serious case. The actions of a Grace and Beatrice are absolutely understandable, no criminal will ever recognize his guilt even when this guilt cost billions of dollars. This book is a realistic representation of how the suits in America are conveyed. A close investigation of every chapter shows people what steps take a lawyer to protect the right of plaintiffs and clean their reputation. Schlictmann’s dedication to his profession is the example of how every lawyer should act. His actions remind people that the supremacy of the law is the thing to which every worker of law should aspire for. Remember that he is the representative of justice and no other institutions or treats can change it. The mind of a true professional and should be cold in the most time and only is some cases feelings can help rule the suit or make the right decision. The American legal system is not a perfect place to try deciding such suits, neither such a system exists in the world. Most officials of the legal branches are concerned about their reputation in the government, forgetting about their true task in the lives of people.