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Сriticism is the most harmful genre of the publicist to author's karma. The word "to criticize" means finding bad in everything. However, critically writing usually deals with the analysis of the work of art, theatre performances, literary works, painting, and its aim is exploring the object from different sides, both from conditionally bad and from conditionally good ones. 

The review is considered to be the most widespread critical material but you should not confuse the terms of criticism and review itself as criticism is a general concept and a review is only a way of presenting critical material.

The critic does not have to be angry. His works should not press on motivation and creativity.


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What does criticism do?

Criticism and critical writing have four main tasks:

  • to understand - to formulate an idea of the object and describe it;
  • to evaluate - to analyze the object according to certain criteria;
  • to find positive and negative sides;
  • to give a cue having formulated a problem and its solution.


How to start the process of critical writing?

Critical writing is not a problem for anyone who knows how to formulate ideas and write it. 

Before starting the critical writing, you should be determined by the real aim of the critical article. You need to list key moments of your critical writing such as purpose, peculiarities, thoughts, and opinions which you want to convey with it. Do not forget to be brief when formulating your own position in order to clearly present all the thoughts when critical writing.


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The critical writing process itself

Critical writing can analyze one work of literature (characters, themes, conspiracy points) or compare and contrast multiple works of literature written by the same author. 

So, what are the stages of critical writing generally?

• Introduction

Write an introduction that includes a strong statement of the thesis. Here you can introduce the criticism object (monument, painting literary work, etc.) and its author, the style of this object and everything you are going to discuss for the rest of your paper. Imagine that your audience has not read the work. Give a brief overview of the work, including the main characters and the conflict. Present the argument or topic you will be referring to. Your statement of the thesis should state your position on the theme.

• Body

The body of critical writing should be filled with object analysis or evidence from the text that supports your thesis statement. Include excerpts from the text, contents and other material as the example. 

• Conclusion

Finish the critical writing. The conclusion should sum up your position and reiterate your thesis. Repeat the important points and link your main ideas. Leave the reader with something to reflect on. 


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Critical writing - Critical analysis

Usually, critical analysis is composed in the form of an essay which is a comprehensive assessment of the story in order to provide an understanding of the object to the audience.

What are the steps in its writing?

• 1 step

Write an introductory paragraph which gives the author's name and a brief overview of the object, the protagonist, the goal of the protagonist and one or two obstacles of his goal. 

• 2 step

Everything you have in your mind and everything you feel after the criticism object should be also described. Express your assumptions about the object details. 

• 3 step

Write the uniqueness of the masterpiece in your critical writing. You can describe your admiration when perceiving the writer's work. Some special methods of creating the author’s work can be also mentioned here. 

• 4 step

You can continue your critical writing after acquainting with the author, the work and the unique strengths of the object under consideration. Remember that you should disclose the main idea and purpose of the author's creation and what he or she wanted to say by creating this work. 

• 5 step

It includes a thorough analysis of the object of criticism (purpose and the basic ideas of its creation). Besides, you can describe your thoughts and feelings.


Useful recommendations 

  • Do not write complicated abstruse phrases or terms in the text of your critical writing, use simple and accurate words that can reflect your thoughts in a simple way. Even a person who is not engaged in the art should understand your text.
  • Do not confuse the order of critical writing. Just start with the title as it is required and write step by step. At the same time, try to express your position accurately, reasonably, without using superfluous words. Describe your thought clearly and briefly as it is possible.


Critical writing strives to consider a work of art in the unity of all its qualities: social, aesthetic, moral significance and humanistic orientation. So, as a critic, you should help the reader to comprehend the ideas and images given by the author. At the same time, you should be accurate, sincere and honest in your arguments. is always here to assist with your assignment. Order now and enjoy top quality writing service!