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A researcher Graeme Kirkpatrick believes that computer games play a role of a social navigator in the world of digital technologies and became an integral part of today’s cultural environment Modern society is increasingly debated about harm and benefit from computer games (Kirkpatrick 9). The purpose of my work is to find out the sense of video games for the modern person, the way how they coexist with reality in human consciousness and, ultimately, whether they are dangerous for the psyche.  Many people believe that computer games cannot give anything real, and therefore they are completely useless. However, I think that wasting time, without receiving anything in return, would be a too irrational thing even for such an illogical being as a human. It is quite easy to resolve this contradiction if we recall that values are not only material. Experienced emotions, flashed thoughts, emerging ideas - all this shapes our life experience. A full-fledged person simply needs to feel and think. Could video games meet these needs? Yes, they could. What are those emotions and ideas? I think you will agree that it is having fun, the research of new game worlds, the ability to try on someone else’s role or simply run into the game from reality. The opponents of video games argue that they educate an absolutely antisocial person (Wolf 209). Again, I allow myself to disagree with the statement, because most people deal with multiplayer games, and hence with the gaming community. However, one cannot deny the fact that for some people gaming became a trap, forcing to pay less attention to real events, besides concentration of attention on one particular virtual world can be dangerous for the psyche. In conclusion, I would like to say, that there are many entertainments, and it is necessary to choose from those that do not go to the detriment. So, I think that the negative impact of video games by themselves is quite small if one does not get too involved in gaming.